Our digital phone service is like our other services, state of the art and priced to fit your needs. It is what is called a VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) system. It works through the internet using packet technology. Simply put, you get clear and secure digital quality.

Unlimited local and long distance anywhere in the United States.

Needles and Golden Valley


Keep Your Number

Features included FREE:
• Call Waiting
• Caller ID
• Call Forwarding
• Voicemail
• Three Way Calling
• FREE remote message retrieval from any phone anywhere
• Message retrieval from email as wave file
• And many, many more

All of these features can be done from your phone or via the internet. The freedom to control these features from the internet anywhere in the world can be very useful.

Let’s say you want to visit Aunt Martha but you don’t want to miss an important call. Before you leave you enter the number you want to forward to your cell phone. Good idea and any phone system can do that. You get to her house and you find you have no cell service there.

What do you do now? With the old telco system your stuck. With our system you get on the internet login to the website and change the forwarding to her home number or you program it so if you don’t answer your cell it goes to her number. You can program it to forward to as many as five different numbers. You can even listen to your calls from any computer or have the message forwarded to your email. You can also set it to forward only calls from a certain number, the rest go to voicemail.